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Wall of Remembrance

Brave are the brothers and sisters who stood in solidarity; who bore the burdens of braving homophobia that we might take our place in history.

These individuals have passed away, but their memory and contribution to the GLBT community will not be forgotten. Omissions are not intentional. Submissions, additions, and corrections are always welcome. info@glbthistorymuseum.com

Abrahamovicz , Jimmy


Was a member of the Orange Blossom Bowling Association.

Acevedo , Jorge

d. 8-11-1999


Alger , Richard

d. April 25, 2001


RICHARD ANDREW ALGER, 36, died Wednesday, April 25, of AIDS. Mr. Alger was a reservation manager at Advantage Vacation by Styles. Born in Montpelier, Vt., he moved to Central Florida in 1991. He was a member of Trident International-Central Florida.

Alvan , Mary

d. March 13, 1998


Beloved mother of Watermark columnist, George Alvan and founder of the first AIDS Service Organization in Hernando County.

Arbogast de Hubert-Miller , Brian


Brian was one of the organizers of the 1st Gay Pride Parade in Orlando. He also worked with dozens of other local, national and international gay rights groups, among which were CFUAD (Central Floridians United Against Discrimination), GLAAD (Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation), and ILGA (International Lesbian and Gay Alliance). DE HUBERT-MILLER, BRIAN KURT ARBOGAST, 54, died on April 16, 2006 after a struggle with stomach cancer. Brian had an unusually diverse life he developed along "the road less traveled." Born in Raymond, Minnesota in 1951, he was raised in Eaton and Muncie, Indiana and migrated to Winter Park in 1977. He was the award-winning designer of specialty stores. The Candle Tree (a chain) B.K. Hubert and Company, he had retail stores, selling antiques, decorative accessories. Leisure Living Systems of America. A concept designer and consultant to the trades. Between 1978 and 1997 he was a professional sculptor, working in pure paper relief as a response to the organic paper movement in fashion at the time. His work is in the collection of many corporations, such as exhibited in several museum shows. In the early 1990s he was active in the gay community in Orlando, Florida as a co- founder of Orlando Regional Pride, as the co-founder of GLADD Florida, the first statewide chapter to the Gay and Lesbian Alliance against Defamation. He played a significant role in convincing Disney to implement an anti-discrimination policy, and helped develop a statewide directory of gay and lesbian organizations and businesses, lead protest against discrimination in the military and by employers in Florida. He was the senior information architect in the office of the Deans and lead the Information Architecture Group at the College of Information at Florida State University, where he was a Faculty Practitioner and influenced the design of an undergraduate IA concentration. He left the faculty to turn his full attention to IA research and completing his dissertation. At the end of his life he was focused on helping form the field of Information Architecture. He helped to found the specialist interest group for IA at the American Society for Information Science and Technology. He was awarded the prestigious Eugene Garfield Doctoral Dissertation Fellowship from the national Beta Phi Mu Honor Society. At the time of his passing, he was near completion or his seminal dissertation titled: Information architecture and the nature of potential information: Opening a formal conversation about information architecture philosophy, theory and research. Brian studied music performance and art as an undergraduate at Ball State University, but ultimately received his BA in interdisciplinary humanistic studies from Rollins College, where he graduated summa cum laude and was honored as the year's most outstanding senior and valedictorian. He received his MS in Library and information Studies from Florida State University. Brian was preceded in death in 1997 by his beloved spouse, Jaime Jose Escalona Suarez of Mexico City, Mexico. He is survived by friends and family, including Robert W. Snyder, Lezlie Laws, Lyn B. Van Deven, and Norman Jackson Ford, and Jo Beth Deitz. Brian is survived by his godson Justin Cree Newman, as well as Jolan Marie, Jessica Layne, John Gabrial, and Paul Jason Newman and their eight children. He is also survived by his brother Bret Hubert and nephew Tyler Hubert, as well as two other brothers Brad and Bruce, and his parents, Burt and Colleen Hubert. Published in the Orlando Sentinel on Apr. 23, 2006

Asbury , Claudia

1952 - 2010.


Claudia was born in Houston, Texas and started her lifelong love affair with musical theatre and dance as a toddler in her parents' dance studio. At the age of 20 she moved to New York City to pursue a career as a dancer. She appeared in numerous Broadway musicals including “Sophisticated Ladies,” “Evita,” “Mack & Mable,” and “The Act.” During the course of her career she also worked in television and the movies. She was the choreographer of Francis Ford Coppola’s film, "The Cotton Club," and the co-choreographer for the opening ceremonies of the 1984 Los Angeles Olympics and the 1986 Academy Awards Ceremony. As director and choreographer of the first joint United States/ Soviet Union musical theatre production, she took "Sophisticated Ladies" to Moscow. In 2001 she met her life partner, Joyce Ducas, and the couple moved to Orlando, Florida where she volunteered her talents as choreographer for the Orlando Gay Chorus and the annual Gay Pride Festival. She was politically passionate and active in her pursuit of LGBT civil rights and lived her life as a model of such. Claudia adored her family and friends and is survived by her beloved partner, Joyce Ducas.

Askey , Samantha

Samantha Askey 1989 - 2007


I had the pleasure of meeting and befriending Anne Askey while I was in college and finishing up a degree in Psychology. Part of the program at UCF included a "field work" component which is very similar to an internship. My field work position was at Orlando's Hope & Help Center which is an AIDS Service Organization (ASO; Since my emphasis was clinical; I was assigned to work with Hope & Help's Director of Client Services Michael Pecko.  This was one of the most valuable experiences of my life and many of my closest friends to this day I had the good fortune of meeting while there; It was there that I met Anne Askey - a young lady with a 3 year old child. Anne was a client of Hope &Help but she was just as much a volunteer and asset to the agency. She and her daughter Sam regularly attended the afternoon group sessionsThey were fixtures at the agency. Anne had AIDS as did her husband John. Their baby Sam was born HIV positive. Ann and John both died when Sam was very young and Sam was then cared for by her Grandparents John and Solfrid Askey with the very watchful and nurturing eye of her Aunt Beth and Michael Pecko remained a guardian angel to Sam her whole life. Rai and I join many others in our community in offering our condolences to the Askey - VanKirk family.  As a means of processing this loss and paying tribute to Sam I wrote the following: The Reluctant Pioneer Born into a world where AIDS was always spoken. The "silent killer" was not silent in your homeThe storm came and did much damage and never left. You never knew a life without AIDS. Blame and resentment were not in your vocabulary. You were loved by many - both currently with us and those who have long since passed. Even while struggling with your own health complications you helped others. Like your parents - you lead by example and by love and compassion. You were one of the first AIDS babies and always. You will never know how many lives you touched and brightened. We are all better for having known you. Submitted by Jeff Horn

Atkisson , Dennis


b. Sept. 21,1948 d. June 11, 1996 Volunteer at Hope & Help Center

Avera , Jeffrey Randy


Jeffery Randy Avera d. Sept. 20, 1996

Bailey , Gary

Gary Bailey April 11, 1947 - October 2, 1997


Gary was a co-owner of Tomes & Treasures in Tampa and Out & About Books in Orlando.  Gary was a generous contributor to AIDS Resource Alliance, CENTAUR, Hope & Help and many more GLBT organizations in Tampa and Orlando.  When the Names Project Quilt came to Tampa in the late 1980s, their truck broke down and when all the mechanics refused to work on the vehicle, Gary outed himself to his fellow mechanics and made all the repairs at cost.

Baker , Michael Kenneth "Shorty"


Michael Kenneth “Shorty” Baker d. Dec. 23, 2007

Baker , Marion


MARION B. BAKER, 69, Edgewater, died Wednesday, Nov. 2, 1994. Mrs. Baker was a retired word processor for the U.S. Department of Agriculture. Born in Corning, N.Y., she moved to Central Florida in 1962. She was a volunteer at Centaur and We Care Crisis Center. She was an early member of Gay Community Services.

Batte , Mark James


Mark James Batte d. Sept. 27, 1995

Bauer , David Edward


David Edward Bauer d. Feb. 1, 1996

Belgeri , Kathy M.


Kathy M. Belgeri d. Oct. 19, 1997

Belgie , Fred

March 9, 1969 - October 10, 2012


Born on March 9, 1969. Fred was from Kent, Ohio and studied at Kent State University. He worked as special events manager at the Parliament House until moving to Ft. Lauderdale where he worked at the Grand Resort. He was an avid supporter of Bear events.

Bell , Walter N.

b. 1965 d. April 11, 1994


AKA Jessica Jackson, Walter was 29 and was born in Rockledge, Florida. He was probably best remembered for his entertainment persona of Jessica Jackson. Walter's accomplishments as a female impersonator are many, including: Miss Central Florida, Miss City Lights Cabaret, Miss Parliament House, Miss Southern Nights, Miss Night Blooming, the Dana Manchester Excellence in Entertainment Award for the 1988 Dixie Awards, and the 1992 Miss USA FL pageant. Walter died after a long battle with AIDS and will be missed by all who knew him.

Bender , Jeff


Jeff Bender d. Oct., 1997 Former owner of the Beachside Club in Daytona

Benson , Charlie

d. July 26, 1988


THOMAS L. ''CHARLIE'' BENSON JR., 26, Orlando, died Tuesday July 26, 1988. Born in Chester, S.C., he moved to Orlando from there at an early age. He was a pharmacy technician. He was a Protestant. He was a member of the American Diabetic Association.

Bethea , Mark

d. August 23, 2008


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