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History Museum Volunteers scanning newspapers for digital archiving History Museum Volunteers scanning newspapers for digital archiving

Research Tips

This site is filled with a bounty of information about our Central Florida GLBT History.  Our files include thousands of photographs, hundreds of publications, and a large selection of non-digitized artifacts.  Our records will include our physical inventory and our digital collection.  Our digital collection of publications have been scanned using an OCR software before being added to our site.  Many items (mainly publications) can ONLY BE FOUND USING THE SEARCH FEATURE.  Hundreds of back issues are still going through the scanning and OCR process.  Some newspapers have been logged using keywords.  If you are doing specific research about any topic, here are some tips to help you find what you are looking for.

1.  Always use the SEARCH feature to start your research.  Enter keywords or topics to start your search.

2.  Start with general phrases first, then narrow your search down.

3. Don't forget to search acronyms.  GLBT, GLCS,  GLAAD, OGC, ORP, MBA, GLBSU are common acronyms used to describe GLBT groups and may more likely show up in a search.

3.  If your search turns up a publication, it will be necessary for you to download it and use the PDF search feature to find the phrase within the document.  We don't yet have the ability to take you directly to the article in a publication.

4.  If you are looking for a particular publication from a certain date.  Search the year "1989".  I you know the volume and issue you desire.  Enter it as #.#

5. If your search turns up an inventory item that is in our possession but has yet to be digitized, please contact us by email and we can make arrangements for you to view the item.  Please keep in mind that our collection is currently housed in a storage unit.  Access to our inventory is limited.

6. Feel free to contact us if you have particular questions or needs.  We may know of other area resources that we can direct you to.




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