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Parliament House Motor Inns

As part of the research I did for the 40 Years of the Parliament House documentary, I uncovered a great deal of information about the Parliament House Motor Inn chain.  Many only the know the Parliament House as a gay resort in Orlando, but prior to 1976, it was the first in a fledgling chain of motor inns that one day hoped to become a nationwide competitor to the Holiday Inn franchise.


The Parliament House Motor Inn chain was started by Kansas City, MO investors Ned Eddy and his sons Ned, Jr. and James.  They started in the food and beverages business running the successful Eddy’s Restaurant in Kansas City, MO. They gave the Parliament House properties an English royalty theme with the slogan, "Built for the House of Lords...priced for the House of Commons." Their goal was a 9 city chain by 1964.  They never made their goal and filed for bankruptcy on June 8, 1965 when they claimed to operate 8 properties.   They listed liabilities of $5 million in the court filings.  We have been able to identify 7 of the 8 Parliament House locations.  Here is what we know about them.


Parliament House Under the Rainbow

Under the Rainbow ... by the Carolina Moon

Excerpt from The Orlando Weekly
May 2003
by Lindy T. Shepherd
Re-Printed with Permission

In 1975, in a climate of sexual revolution soundtracked by flirty disco, seductive drugs of every variety and no AIDS in sight, William Miller and Michael Hodge -- Bill and Mike, then 42 and 31, Virgo and Leo -- took over the drug-and-prostitute ridden Parliament House Motor Inn.


Businesses of the Past

Do you remember the names of all the businesses and bars that have come and gone?  Every few months the subject comes up and all of us old timers have to beat our brains to remember. Some were icons, some were way before their time, some were visionaries, and some were just a flash in the pan.  We've compiled this list from memory, and from advertisements and listings in gay publications that date back to the seventies.

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