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Help future generations know their history!

The GLBT History Museum of Central Florida actively collects material related to our community. We exist to preserve and share the past.

If you’re still holding onto your organization’s records, have a bunch of old photographs piling up in the corner, or have some boxes in your attic or garage filled with old TWN's, LCN Express, or past issues of David Magazine, please consider donating them. You may have valuable pieces of our local GLBT history (photographs, documents, programs, souvenirs, mementos, and so forth) that can be displayed in exhibits and on our virtual museum website to educate others and to aid in research.

To make arrangements to make your donation, click the Contact Us button and send a note to any History Board member.  You may also mail your donation to GLBT History Museum, P.O. Box 533376, Orlando, FL 32853-3376. 



The GLBT History Museum of Central Florida would like to thank the following sponsors for their continued support of our goals:

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Pride Courage and Memories

By Charlie Hogan

Two weeks ago, Frank asked me to speak to you about the history of the gay and lesbian community in Orlando. Three times this year, I have been asked to do this and frankly, I think you got the wrong man. Yes, I was there during a lot of great things during the last twenty-seven years. But, I did not, do not, and will not call myself a leader. I did what I could with the help of some fantastic men and women that shared a common dream. From the seeds of small successes and failures, great trees have grown.

What I will tell you is about the dreams and courage of some wonderful men and women.

But first I must tell you what it was like in June of 1969 when two momentous events occurred in America. One was when a man, in New York City, wearing a dress, refused to "go downtown." He planted his heels and shouted, "I'm mad as hell and I'm not gonna take it anymore." The other event occurred when a slim, trim and bald Charlie Hogan


Call Out For Female Impersonator Memories

Chris CrossOK visitors, lets share some brain power.  We are trying to come up with a comprehensive list of female impersonators who have appeared in the Central Florida Area.

I'll start with a few, then everyone needs to post a comment with all you can remember.  I'll then post the final list in the History Forum.



I'll start with the easy ones:

Miss P
Miss G
Heavy Duty
Carmela Marcella Garcia
Monika Burke
Wendy Grape
Rusty Fawcett
Lori Del Mar
Raccine Robins
Leigh Shannon


Roz Russell
Apple Love
Miss Honey
Melissa Mason
Stephanie Shippae

Now it is your turn.  Please chime in.


Orlando Timeline

The following is an approximate timeline of the events, organizations, and businesses through the past decades.  Accuracy of the dates can not be guaranteed. It has been developed as a guide to assist in the research of our past.  It is our hope that it will stir a memory or two that you might wish to share with us.  If you have knowledge, photographs, newspaper clipping(s), or artifacts about anything below, please help us out by sharing it with us. 
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