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Orange Blossom Bowling Association

Orange Blossom Bowling Association premiered May 21, 1985 at Bowl America Winter Park for a 14 week Summer league.  Charlie Hogan of GCS provided $50 in seed money to assist the league in getting started. Major sponsors of the league were the Silver Hammer Saloon, Cellblock M, and Orlando attorney Timothy Straus.

When the league opened its first checking account with Sun Bank, they were surprised to see the check when they arrived bearing the name "Orange Blossom Blowing Association". 

It held its first banquet at the Harley Hotel overlooking Lake Eola. The fee was $9 for league members and $18 for guests.

The officers were:
David A. Martin, President
Tony Raney, Vice-President
Jamie Dyer, Treasurer
Joey Roberson, Secretary
Jimmy Hughes, Sargeant-at-Arms

An interesting tidbit of information.  The league actually started bowling on THURSDAY nights, but due to a scheduling conflict, the league membership elected to move to Tuesday night to accomodate

The following fall, the league grew quickly from 22  to 30 teams which immediately made it the largest league at the alley. It was founded by David Martin, who served as its president for the first year. The bowling league was welcomed at the time by Bob & Sue Wentworth, who were the husband and wife team that managed the alley.  At the first banquet held on May 23, 1986, the league gave out $2,200 in cash prizes and $1,560 in trophies. 

David Martin was also responsible for the first gay bowling tournament in Orlando called the Sweetheart Invitational Tournament (SIT) held over Valentines weekend in February.  In its second year it was renamed the Sunshine Invitation Tournament (SIT) when it was moved to the summer and still exists today.

The officers were:
David A. Martin, President
Ray Ramp, Vice-President
Toney Raney, Secretary
Keith Brown, Treasurer
Dell McCasland, Sargeant-at-Arms

The Zoo Crew team consisting of of Ray Ramp, Ron Eubanks, Jim Davis, and Keith Brown were the league champions shutting out the Parliament House team of Barry Lapham, Bryan Eble, Marianne Wittels, and Ray Harmon.

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