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Mobile Displays


We have a number of displays that we exhibit throughout the year.  You can request a display from our collection for your business or organization.  We require a minimum of 8 weeks notice to accomodate your requests.  There is no charge for this service, however we do ask that you provide a truck for both delivery and pick up.

Mobile Displays

The GLBT History Museum of Central Florida maintains a number of mobile displays that are available for installation at your business or organization.  Displays may be borrowed for a limited period of time such as a day, week, or month.


The mobile displays include:

  • Central Florida Timeline
  • Parliament House History
  • Wall of Remembrance
  • GLBT T-shirt Display
  • Local GLBT Newspapers
  • Watermark
  • Bears of Central Florida
  • Gay, Lesbian and Bisexual Student Union (GLBSU) of UCF (Display and DVD)
  • National Coming Out Day (DVD)
  • Gay Power Unleashed: GLBT Activism in the 1960s
  • GLBT Heroes and Pioneers
  • Miss "P"
  • The Center/GLBT Community Services
  • Saviz Shafaie (Iranian and Local Activist, Poet, Businessman)
  • Jack Nichols (National and Local Activist and Writer)

These displays have been exhibited in a number of locations throughout Central Florida including:

  • Universal Studios (2x)
  • Darden Corporation (3x)
  • The Center (2x)
  • Pride Picnic (2x)
  • Parliament House (2x)
  • Come Out With Pride - Orange County History Center (2x), Lake Eola (5x)
  • Orlando International Airport
  • Wells Fargo
  • Pride Picnic (2x)
  • University of Central Florida (2x)
  • Valencia Community College
  • Orlando City Hall
  • City Arts Factory

Additionally, history presentations by the GLBT History Museum Board can be arranged for your group. These lectures/discussions are often accompanied with audio-visuals (DVDs, Slides). Examples of groups that have had presentations by Board members of the History Museum include:

  • Prime Timers Club (3x)
  • NASA Pride Group
  • Orlando Youth Alliance


To help preserve our local GLBT history, fees may be requested by the History Museum to cover the costs (truck-rental, travel, printing, set-up) of the exhibit or presentation. Honorariums are accepted. These donations help the Museum to financially continue its work of collecting, archiving, educating and preparing historical items for display.


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